Consumer Grievance


Complaint DateSubjectDetailsStausReplyReplied ON
23-OCT-12 BS BASBSClosedok23-OCT-12
23-OCT-12TEST TESTClosed23-OCT-12
21-DEC-12 TestingNo complainClosedOK FOR TESTING21-DEC-12
02-JAN-13Test CmplainNo complainn has been lodged.Pending02-JAN-13
03-JAN-13 Test ComplainComplain Loding Closedyes03-JAN-13
11-JAN-13remote remote testingPending11-JAN-13
31-JAN-13 testtest complaintClosedTest case response not reqd.31-JAN-13
24-APR-13 Rectification of PAN NO AND TDS CERTIFICATESir, I am the proprietor of Banadurga Coal Traders,My PAN No is AGJPB7956K But the PAN registered in your System is AGTPB7956K, due to which the TDS deposited is linked to any other body.I have submitted the documents for rectification but no change has yet been done,I have not also received my TDS Certificate for Sept,2012,while I received the TDS certificate for Dec,2012 I noticed the mistake,which may kindly be rectified and TDS certificate for Sept,12,Dec,12 and March,2013 may kindly be issued in my PAN NO.AGJPB7956K for which I shall be highly obliged. Thanking you, Yours faithfully Ananta Charan Baral Prop.Banadurga Coal TradersPending24-APR-13
25-OCT-12testingtestingClosedno reply is required25-OCT-12
25-APR-13 Rectification of PAN NO AND TDS CERTIFICATE & EMAIL ADDRESSDear Sir, I had submitted my PAN No.AGJPB7956K at the time of Registration but wrongly entered in the system as AGTPB7956K,and my Email but it is entered in the system as due to which I am unable to get any mail from MCL and the TDS deposited for my account is going to some other person.I had submitted the documents and noticed the mistake while received the TDS Certificate for Dec,2012.I have not yet received the TDS Certificate for Sept,2012 also.Therefore I request your highness to rectify the PAN No and TDS Certificate may kindly be issued in my PAN No.AGJPB7956K for Sept,2012,Dec,2012 and March,2013 and same may kindly be delivered to me at the following Address:M/S.Banadurga Coal Traders, Near Gayatri Weigh Bridge,Manguli, PO:Choudwar,Dist:Cuttack,PIN-754025 and message in my mail Id: for which I shall be highly obliged. Thanking you, yours faithfully Ananta Charan Baral For Banadurga Coal TradersPending25-APR-13
11-JAN-13 Test complain 1234Testing Data ClosedNo reply needed as it is testing only.11-JAN-13
03-JAN-13test for uploadtesting onlyClosedNoted03-JAN-13
17-JAN-13 Test complaintestingPending17-JAN-13
07-FEB-13 we have some refund amount exists with MCL Kindly refund the amount of Rs:7000 Pending07-FEB-13