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श्री पी के पटेल
आई आर एस एस
मुख्य सतर्कता अधिकारी

  • कार्यालय मुख्य सतर्कता अधिकारी
    महानदी कोलफील्ड्स लिमिटेड
    फ्लोर नंबर-2, एमसीएल मुख्यालय
    जागृति विहार, बुर्ला
  • Handling of Complaints - Verification of complaints Investigation Forwarding the complaint of administrative nature to concerned departments
  • Conducting test check/surprise checks.
  • Collection of intelligence/source information.
  • Reporting daily important development to the Head of organization.
  • Intensive examination of Contracts/works on CTE Pattern.
  • According Vigilance clearance to MCL officials in respect of promotion, probation, resignation, superannuation, foreign visit etc.
  • Scrutiny of Annual Property Returns of Executives.
  • Furnishing of different type of returns to CVC, CBI, MOC, CVO (CIL) etc.
  • Liasoning with CBI and other agencies.
  • Preparation of Agreed List and ensuring their postings in nonsensitive posts.
  • Monitoring posting of employees to sensitive/non-sensitive posts as per CVC’s guidelines.
  • Monitoring vigilance initiated departmental proceedings to take them to their logical conclusion.
  • Periodical vigilance awareness workshops for Preventive Vigilance activities.
  • Observance of Vigilance Awareness Week.
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